Best Fundraiser Email Templates & Samples – 2020

Raising funds has always been a challenge. It is difficult to ask people for a donation towards your fundraising campaign. To make it easy, here we provide a list of solid fundraising email templates and sample letters which will make it incredibly easy for you to craft the perfect fundraising emails. Nowadays, the internet has changed the way of the fundraising campaign. It provides the easiest and quickest way of connecting with people. Fundraising email is the best way to request for a donation; it gives you a high rated response in respect of donation.

Once an email is sent and donations are received it is important to send the receipts to the donors as this will add the trust value to your organization or for the cause you are collecting funds. For that purpose, you need fundraiser receipt templates which will help you generate the receipts for donations properly.

The community receives so many personal and organizational fundraising emails every day if you want your email to stand out from the crowd then clarity and sincerity in your email make it the great one. Writing a fundraising email from scratch is a difficult one. There may be many questions raised in your mind about writing a fundraising email. We share some guidelines which help you to reach your fundraising goals.

Some key points about donation request letter

Make your subject line clear

Most people first read the subject line of the email, so write an attention-grabbing subject line. It is the best way to achieve the high engagement level of the email. The length of your subject line should be fewer than 65 characters.  The incentivized language used in your subject line that gives reasons to the reader to open your email. This can inspire your donor to take action

Keep it short and simple

Readers don’t want to read a long letter,  people lose their interest and give up reading. The letter should not long and explain all things on one page. The letter should be clear and easily understandable by the recipient. When you write a letter in 3 or 4 pages, then bold the important parts in your letter and break up large paragraphs into smaller paragraphs.

State your point clearly

Make it clear to your reader how the money will be used for the purpose of this fundraising and how he/ she can help explain all these things in the 3rd or 4th sentence. Explain how your small contribution will help us because some people feel embarrassed for contributing a small amount. You should clearly state how a small contribution will help us in our charity.

Sign at the bottom of the letter

Signature at the bottom of the donation letter adds an air of professionalism. A short description of the sender or their organization is also included in the letter.

Add image or video

Include at least one high-quality image or video in your email, it is an effective way to communicate with your donors. Used only those videos or images which are related to your charity campaign. Visual content in the email used to hook the reader.

Types of donation letter templates

  1. Standard donation request 
  2. Individual sponsorship request 
  3. Volunteer time donation request 
  4. Corporate donation request
  5. Peer to peer fundraising donation request
  6. School fundraising donation request
  7. Church donation request letter
  8. Animal rescue donation request

Standard donation request

A standard donation request letter is sent by the charity organization to the donor with the aim of fundraising non-profit funds. It is used to ask for donations from friends, family and community members. It contains a description of how the money will be used, how to make a donation. The key to successful fundraising is to know your donor as well as you possibly can and establish a relation of truth with your donor.

Individual sponsorship request letter

An individual sponsorship letter is a request for sponsorship donation. It is used when someone participates in a fundraising event like a marathon or cycling event. The sponsor name is used in promotions and advertisements. Sponsorship request letters should contain details about the event and what the sponsor will receive in exchange for their donation.

Volunteer time donation request letter

A donation letter is not writing just for fundraising, it is also used to ask for time and service for your organization. Giving your time or services to other people without expectation of any reward is called volunteering. You should write in your letter that how their work will influence the community you support.

Corporate donation request letter

A corporate donation request letter is used when you ask for support to business, corporate, and companies. In the letter, you should ask for a meeting with the head of the organization. A meeting with the head of the organization allows you to ask questions about your organization. Every organization has different rules in respect of any donations, you should be aware of these rules.

Peer to peer fundraising donation request

Peer to peer fundraising is the best way of fundraising in which your supporters raise money on behalf of your organization and spread your mission online around the world. It is also known as social fundraising. It is the best way to get new donors and this is the most powerful and popular way of fundraising. Participants use their own fundraising pages on behalf of your cause.

School fundraising donation request

A school fundraising donation request letter is used when a school needs to raise money. This letter is sent to an individual person or a local business. This letter is used whenever you need a donation for the school. The letter should include details about your school, and a story of one of your students, it allows you to connect you with your donor and take some action on it.

Church donation request letter

Sometimes, asking for the donation for a church can be difficult. Churches can use this kind of letter asking for donations from individuals or organizations. Normally donations for church needs normally related to the renovation, contribution to the orphanage, and providing food and other related issues. You should deliver your letter to the believer of the church. 

Animal rescue donation request letter

If you need funds for your animal rescue organization then you write an animal rescue donation letter to ask for a donation from an individual or organization. In the case of charity for animal rescue, you should mention in your donation request letter how animal rescue organizations work for animals, how your donation helps to reach their goals.