Part-1: Learn Codeigniter PHP framework: Basic working Structure

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 4, 2010 Codeigniter, Web Development

Codeigniter is very light and fully featured framework which gives you every thing which you want in web development.
It is a powerful PHP framework with very small footprint. It is built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create a featured web applications.It allows you to design the exact web apps you need.

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Most popular JQuery plugins Whcih will Rock you all the Time.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 3, 2010 JQuery, Web Development

Some useful collection of JQuery plugins that can be a gift for web developers.

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Learn some Best Tips for doing SEO of Your websites.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 2, 2010 SEO, Web Development

SEO is most important part for any website. SEO depends on how your website has been developed. Many things we have to keep in mind while developing a site. Here i have discussed some use full tips on SEO to keep our pages on top in search engines.

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7 Amazing JQuery Lightbox Script which you Always Need.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 1, 2010 Codeigniter, JQuery, Web Development


JQuery plugins becomes most useful when you need to implement a pretty layout to your pages. Working as an interactive web developer i often use JQuery scripts to put some attractive look in my web pages. Here are some JQuery based lightbox which you need in future.

These easy to use and modifying to your needs.

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Block FarmVille/MafiaWar news feeds on Facebook.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Feb 28, 2010 Facebook, Technology

If you want to get rid of Farm Ville or Mafia War news feeds from your friends on facebook then here is the solutions. FarmVille has over 60 millions players and its increasing while generating news feeds in too much times make me crazy.

Now i will tell you to hide FarmVille news feed updates and notifications.

Bring your mouse over the feed of your friend and you will see Hide button in right top corner.

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Configuring codeigniter framework on your localhost.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Feb 28, 2010 Codeigniter, Web Development

If we move to any framework or platform first time then first problem is configuring this technology. Configuring codeigniter to our localhost is so simple and easy. I am trying to give step wise detail so that its easy to follow.

1- Download Codeigniter system folder from

2- Now unzip it and paste it

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Some thing about “99 Points” in Web Technologies.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Feb 24, 2010 Miscellaneous, Technology

99 Points” is a place which i create to share information about latest technologies and also to share my working experience in web development specially working in Codeigniter , JQuery and PHP is a great experience for myself.
If you want to post some thing about technologies such as facebook, twitter, JQuery Codeigniter and web technologies on this blog, please write to us and send your thoughts to make it a great place.

Thanks and Keep enjoying !

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