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Facebook Style Reactions – A Simple jQuery Plugin To Generate LIKE buttons in Facebook Style

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 31, 2017 Facebook, Tutorials, Web Development

We all know Facebook as giant social networking platform which always keeps us inspired by their amazing features. Last year Facebook totally changed the idea of how we like a post or image on the wall. It gave us the way to react more with any post by choosing our reaction from a list of 6. Recently while I was working on my upcoming version of PHP Wall Script, I built the same feature (Facebook Reactions) for my application. Moreover, I wrapped itΒ as a jQuery plugin shape so user should easily download and integrate it into their projects. I hope you’d like it.

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12 Essential jQuery Plugins to Bookmark in 2017

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 23, 2017 JQuery, Web Development


jQuery is no doubt serving as backbone in web design and development industry. And in just few years thousands of plugins have been developed by jQuery community which has given a dramatically boost to this amazing framework. Below is a list of some amazing jQuery plugins which I found very interesting and useful to put here on 99Points.

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jQuery Validation Plugin – How To Show Custom Error Messages

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Apr 27, 2015 JQuery

Every developer uses validations for HTML forms and its better to use a plugins instead of custom validations because this way we will not only save our time, but also we will have some efficient & bugs free script. jQuery Validation plugin is a a best and simple validation plugin which you can use for your projects. In this post I will show you how we can use custom error messages instead of default error messages sent from plugin.

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Wall Script Latest Release | 3 Versions

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 3, 2012 Tutorials, Web Development

At last I have completed the commercial version of the amazing wall script today πŸ™‚ This is a perfect wall script and more polished from all my previous free releases. I have added many good and new features in it which I am sure you will never find in any other script. More easy coding for you to understand, secure and neat as well.
I have released three releases one is already released last month which is free version but now 2 more commercial versions are here for you.
I hope you will like these versions. The script is very easy to install as well. The installation file is also within the script. I would always love to hear about the feedback on my work. πŸ™‚

Check out the Wall Release Page


zSlider: A beautiful JQuery Image Slider

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Feb 23, 2012 JQuery, Web Design, Web Development

After Wall Scripts, JQuery galleries are most liked part on this blog So I decided to create another one. zSlider is a beautiful image slider for your web applications. I created this for those people who needs a fancy jquery image slider with a simple to use but for limited number of images. This slider accepts two lists of images, each list will have 12 thumbs limit which means you can add 24 images in this gallery. Currently this version has some limitations such as number of images to be used and maximum limit of images. But it is one of best gallery I have created.
This slider has feature such as:

– Play Paus Button
– Navigate through First and Second List
– Control images with Arrow keys on Keyboard
– Click to see a specif image
– Caption on Images

Wall Script in Facebook and Google+ Style

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Jan 9, 2012 Tutorials, Web Design, Web Development

Dear readers, I have received lot of emails from you people about adding wall script demo again. I have changed the wall script totally with something new design and features. Now its some how mix up of google plus and facebook. This is a demo version free to download but with limited features available for only blog subscribers, but very soon You will find the full featured version on 99Points.

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Facebook Wall Script Clone with JQuery and PHP: Personal Project BETA Version 2.0

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 4, 2011 JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Web Design

Hello dear users! Today facebook is a giant in social websites and every one is following its features and looks. I have integrated facebook style features into many of my projects and now I am going to share my personal project which is basically inspired by facebook and social networking techniques. Currently not available for downloading. I have created a wall script and many other functionalities which I will just upload very soon such as image uploading in facebook style, image tagging, url fetching and many other things in facebook style. Hope you will love it and let me know if you have any idea about making it more perfect and some how different in looks. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to give suggestion. Thank you πŸ™‚

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