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New Twitter Like Application with JQuery and PHP

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Oct 12, 2010 JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Twitter, Web Design

Are you looking for New twitter design clone. Then you are at right place here at I have created new twitter style header with fancy menu using jquery and CSS. I have also add new twitter style animated popup window which shows each tweets detail individually. I used some animation using jQuery and z-index property of CSS to handle the div. I hope it will work with all screen resolutions. Please if you like it then dont forget to share it. thanks !

Fancy Ajax Tabs Navigation with Ajax CSS and PHP

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Oct 9, 2010 Tutorials, Web Design

This tutorial is one of my favorite because I like tutorials in which CSS work is much better. It is a simple ajax based tabs navigations and I hope you will like it. I used CSS3 to put some stylish look in it. You can change the size of frame or button size colors as you like.

Create Simple JQuery Voting Application for Multiple Records

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 29, 2010 JQuery, Tutorials, Web Design

This tutorial is very simple and I created for those readers who feel some problems in creating or implementing a single voting or rating system for multiple records on a single page. I hope you can get an idea how to do this thing to be done. I didnt use Ajax and and PHP here but You can make it dynamic easily because you can get html and working idea from here. So if you know little bit jQuery and Ajax then you can do it. Also you can get some help from my others Rating and Voting tutorials to how to make an Ajax call. I hope you will like this.
Thanks !

Facebook Style Like/Unlike button with Collapsed Comments Script using jQuery and PHP.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 26, 2010 JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Web Design

Another post in facebook style tutorials series at You have seen facebook like/unlike button if you want to like a post you simple click on “Like” button. Also, you have seen collapsed comments there and when you click on show all comments button it shows all comments. I created this thing and I tried to create same style as it is on facebook. Please share this if you like and dont forget to subscribe by email.
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New Digg Style Follow Unfollow Application Using jQuery and PHP

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 20, 2010 AJAX, JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Web Design

You know Digg has changed its style and layout and now I think it looks awesome. This time on 99Points, I create Digg Style follow/unfollow application. Which I tried to create same as original Digg look. Many users like my facebook style tutorials So this is a continues series of Digg style tutorials. I hope You will like it. I have used user IP to check followed or unfollowed. But you can do this in your required way. Please share this if you like and dont forget to subscribe by email.
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Fancy Drop Down Menus Using CSS and JQuery.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 19, 2010 CSS, JQuery, PHP, Web Design

Hi dear readers, I created a fancy drop down menus with CSS and JQuery. I have another tutorial on 99points in which I used some animated navigation. I used jQuery animate function and CSS to put some stylish effects. Also I used a background for navigation.
Support: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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