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Weekly Typography & Fonts Collection #02

Author: Editorial Staff  |  Last updated on Miscellaneous
weekly font and typography

We have collected another beautiful list of some typography and fonts around the internet. Fresh ideas for the inspiration of our designer community.

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Many Thanks ! to all of the readers of 99Points.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Last updated on Miscellaneous

I just started this blog few months before and I worked hard to add some useful and awesome tutorials for the web lovers. Within few months, you people make this effort successful and now I have many users and daily readers who appreciate my work and provided me with some useful suggestion. Some of my friends are angry that why I am giving such useful tutorials free :) My answer to them “You can get much Knowledge when you spread Knowledge”. There are lot of tutorials over internet on these topics but I hope and always tried to come up with a simple and awesome ideas for my valuable readers. I just request to add your participation to make this effort good and successful. Provide me your ideas and feed backs. Tell me how can I made this blog very helping for you.

Thanks a lot Again !

Some thing about “99 Points” in Web Technologies.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Last updated on Miscellaneous, Technology

99 Points” is a place which i create to share information about latest technologies and also to share my working experience in web development specially working in Codeigniter , JQuery and PHP is a great experience for myself.
If you want to post some thing about technologies such as facebook, twitter, JQuery Codeigniter and web technologies on this blog, please write to us and send your thoughts to make it a great place.

Thanks and Keep enjoying !

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