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30 Top Codeigniter best Tutorials You must want to know.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Apr 20, 2010 Codeigniter, Web Development


Code Igniter is best framework and has an extensive community to help you always. Lot of tutorials are available  online. Here i have given some best tutorials.

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How To: Use Re-Captcha in Codeigniter based website?

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Apr 19, 2010 Codeigniter, PHP, Web Development

re-captcha in codeigniterRe-captcha is a free web service to add a secured captcha on your website to avoid spams. Spams filled up your inboxes with unnecessary emails or messages which you have no need. Re-captcha is provided by Carnegie Mellon University which are serving over 60 millions captchas in a day.

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Codeigniter 2.0 ?? Whats Great in New version

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Apr 13, 2010 Codeigniter, Web Development


Finally Codeigniter new version 2.0 is near to release. But its coming after 1.7.2 directly. It has lot of new things and removal of plugins as well. Codeigniter fans are waiting for new version. Change log has been updated with new changes in codeigniter. Let see how new version supports our development and what it offer as new features. Also check Ellis Labs post for further information.

How can We verify Captcha with Ajax in Codeigniter?

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 16, 2010 AJAX, Codeigniter, Web Development


Captcha is necessary part of any form. But if we see with end user point of view, a user feels bad when he/she has to give a right verification code and also have to face an error message if it is invalid code. “I don’t like Captcha and even i didn’t design any form with Captcha” ( Said by: AdbulRehman (a creative Graphic Designer ) .

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Send Email from your Gmail account Using Codeigniter.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 16, 2010 Codeigniter, PHP, Web Development

Codeigniter provides many built in helpers and libraries which help us to perform lot of functionality for developing projects. Here a simple email library make us able to send email using our Gmail account living in CI environment.

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SimplePie: An amazing and simple way to show RSS Feeds on website using PHP.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Mar 13, 2010 Codeigniter, PHP, Technology, Web Development

Simple pie is simple and easy way to show rss feeds on your web pages. It provides a class and simple lines of code using which you can show feed any where on your web pages-.

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