WallScript – The Best PHP/MySQL Social Network Solution in 2016


This is official announcement that my all time most downloaded script is ready to amazed you all again. The PHPWallScript version 7 is available to download :)

For those who are new to this blog should know that PHP Wall Script is a social network application created using PHP and many different plugins and tools. Truly inspired by Facebook, this application has hundreds of amazing features. Since its birth in 2010, I have released many free and commercial versions on this blog. The current release 7 is latest version of all time favorite application.


This is a multi-purpose PHP based social networking application which is developed carefully by keeping in mind the different types of user requirements. The application is easy to understand, clean coded, secure, fully functional and incorporated with amazing social features inspired by Facebook.


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Check out full features list here.

The script is built using PHP5, MySQLi, Twitter Bootstrap3, CSS3, HTML5 and lot of useful jQuery plugins and libraries which magically transformed this small application into Facebook clone project.