LinksManagement Review: Controlling the Backlinks of Yours

Not everyone knows factors that have the greatest impact for a truly high-quality backlinks, which can significantly improve your site position in SERPs. Analysis, testing and attracting of backliks play an important role in SEO, as Google rating is calculated on the base of PR of pages referred to your site.

When it comes to determining the place of the site in search results, incoming links are considered as a kind of recommendation given to your site by other resources. The quality (PR) of sites, referred to yours, predetermines its authority. So it’s necessary to choose relevant (of the same topic) resources.

LinksManagementis a link building services that provides much more that just backlinks installation. It has all the advantages of SEO you can imagine, including diversified range of sites, user-friendly interface, tools for calculation of various SEO parameters, guarantees and moneyback, etc. Let’s take a closer look at all of its charms.

Backlinks Catalog

To be true, we note that there are several ways of getting backlinks: creation of a good content (if you write something interesting and relevant, you have some chances to be referred by other webmasters), articles publishing (writing on actual topics, placing materials both on free and paid resources), adding a site to catalogs and creation of reciprocal links. But all these techniques are quite time-consuming, and require your total immersion in the project. Instead of wasting your time, use catalog of backlinks to simplify the search and choose the most appropriate links for the site.

LinksManagement’s database includes:

  • PR level. As we said previously, the more PR has the referred mage, the more weight it gives to your website. Choose PR1-PR8 links in accordance with your financial capabilities (but do not rely on PR only, as there are many other factors for consideration).
  • Price. PR1 links are the cheapest ones, PR8 are the most expensive. It’s known that proper linkbuilding strategy lies in placing inbound links of different PR value. So we recommend you to apply a combinational approach.LinksManagement provides both monthly and one-time payment.
  • OL. Number of outbound links from a referring page. The more links it has, the less is weight of one particular link. Choose sites with a minimum number of outbounds.
  • DA and PA. Measurement of domain authority (domain and page strength).
  • % . Percentage of successfully placed links on corresponding website. To be sure in a successful deal, choose proposals with higher % (but do not worry: there are only 2 possible outcomes – or you get a link to your site, or you get your money back).


Advances Sorting

Besides the main parameters, some additional ones are also available. You can sort backlinks by country, category or keyword. LinksManagement do cares of providing you with the most relevant opportunities. For example, placing a link from some of USA domains requires corresponding filtering when searching.  Filtering by main pages allows you to see offers of backlinks placing on title page only.

After the selection of appropriate backlinks offers, add them to cart, specifying anchor text, content before/after the link and nofollow type if needed.The settings will be applied to all or particular links (if you want to make a unique before/after content and anchor text, add links to cart one-by-one).

My links

“My links” page shows all bough links and gives an opportunity to track statistics.


SEOs, involved in serious or numerous projects, work with a large amount of backlinks, so it’s quite useful for them to use the filtering options:


SEO for a newbie: can I be successful from the very beginning?

Yes, you definitely can, but with the help of SEO professionals. Naturally, if you have no experience in building a backlink profile, you don’t know what to expect from this or that type of backlink. LinksManagement has a special option for such users – a SEO expert assistance. In this case the only thing required from you is specifying of key expectations:

Get a Dedicated SEO Expert to Save Your Time Get Better Results

Free SEO analysis for URL will help you to determine number of links needed, as well as their types and costs. By “My Campaigns” you can track the backlink campaign results.

As for the SEO assistance, it saves a lot of time and helps to avoid typical mistakes. Use this opportunity to be sure you’re spending money properly. Moreover, not only newbies ask for pro SEO, but also business owners, who have not enough time for this SEO aspect. All LinksManagement experts have 5+ years of successful SEO experience, so be confident in perfect results.

Guarantees and payment

The one more advantage of us is a flexible payment system: Western Union, Payoneer, Webmoney, Payza,   Bank-Wire, PayPal, credit cards – you can use of these systems when cooperating.

We do not guarantee that link will be 100% placed, but we do guarantee that you’ll never spend money on something out of your order. We’re providing automatic payback, so if when checking the link status system identified that the link is not placed, you get your cash back.

The same automatic refund is performed if link was removed during first 5 days after installation, as well as if the whole page is removed from Google index.

Also, if you want a backlink to be removed – send corresponding request, and unnecessary link will immediately disappear.

Subscription is free and easy, and it gives access to check all options described above.

Looking for a qualitative and fast-to-respond support? Then LinksManagement is definitely what you need!

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