Facebook Wall Script (PHP) in Just $15 [Expired]

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Last updated on Announcement, Facebook

[UPDATE] The new version 7 of the PHPWallScript is just released this month (Oct-2016) so all previous offers are expired.

We have very cool offer for you in very hot July. We decided to offer an amazing discount on our most downloaded products, Facebook Style Wall Script V6 and Wall Script with PHP V5.

In last few years, I created many social networking scripts for our readers. We also created few commercial scripts for you guys which were so much appreciated. Previously we also created sometime giveaways to offer the readers free copies of those commercial scripts. Now once again, we are putting these great scripts on Sale !

What is a PHP Wall Script and How can I use it?

This is a small custom PHP script with all typical functions like signup, login, logout, user management etc. But the important thing is, it has social networking features like news feed, comments, posts, images, videos, gallery, notifications, friends module and other useful features like we see in facebook. You can see a full list of features here http://wallscriptclone.com/.So basically it is a small social networking script which you can just buy and upload to any domain and there you have your own separate social networking website.
This is not it, if you are a developer and working on a social networking website where you would obviously need some features like newsfeed, media sharing, URL fetching and friends module as you can see in facebook. Then this small application can save a lot your time and investment. It has many important modules you can just integrate into your PHP website within few hours or days. Check this FAQ for more detail. If you will develop these all modules your own this can be few months job but using this script into your development will be life saving technique. Give it a try !

Where to get the Offer?

Facebook Style Wall Script V6
Full Version:   $39  $15/copy Only | Promo Link PayPal
Light Version: $25  $10/copy Only | Promo Link PayPal

Wall Script with PHP V5
Full Version:   $29  $15/copy Only | Promo Link PayPal
Light Version: $15  $10/copy Only | Promo Link PayPal

What Payment Options?

We have two payment options for you. The Promo links will take the users to PayPal and it is primary payment option. If you don’t have PayPal then you can send payment via Moneybookers/Skrill. Please contact us if you want to use other options instead of PayPal.

What should you do when you’ve made the payment?

After you made the payment, you will receive the script in zip from 99points.info@gmail.com within 24-hours after the purchase. Its because of time difference, some times buyer receive script in few minutes after the purchase but normally it takes 12-14 hours.

In case of any problem, you can report us any time at: 99points.info@gmail.com

Important: This offer is for limited time and we have only limited copies for sale. So be hurry to get one copy for yourself from these beautiful and brilliant PHP scripts.

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