Free UI Kit – Funky Tunes Freebie (PSD)

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pkDesigners and developers have a hard job. If you are one of them, then you know all of the work that goes into every project. You also know it would certainly be nice if you could get just a little help that could make your life easier.

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming things you may deal with would be UI kits that you use in projects. Things like buttons, sliders, icons, and visual controls can be tedious when you are creating them yourself.

If you want to make them look their very best, you could spend so much time just trying to put them together that a single project takes way too long. Developers you could hire will charge a lot of money and rightly so. Then, you won’t even know what the final product will look like until it arrives.

There is a solution to make your job easier. It is called PixelKit – a great resource with thousands of premium graphics. Funky Tunes freebie is a music UI kit music UI kit that includes more than 30 elements that would inspire you creating your app or website design. Here you can find a PSD file with lots of elements like pricing tab, menu, sliders, chart, etc. They are designed for music niche, so it can be useful if you create e design for an artist.

Download PSD


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