Things you should know if you are a Blogger

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Blogging is a hot industry these days and very profitable as well. If you work with full devotion and wisely, in a few months your blog will start providing you an extra money each month. But with all these points, its very important that a blogger must know the things which can be risky for the career of the blog he/she is working on. Also they should also know the things which can be very useful for increase the traffic of the blog.

Write about “Most Read Topics”

A good blogger should always keep attention on the current top stories, events, creations and the things the users search on the web most. Try Google AdWords Tool to find out what topics/keywords are being searched mostly by internet users. Follow the popular blogs in the same category as of yours and see what they are writing about. Obviously don’t copy the content but take an idea how to attract users and which topics are most readable by readers.

Guest posting

Another great option for getting new and quality traffic for your blog. Guest writing offers you many benefits including these,

– Do you want more traffic and specially new users for your blog?

– Do you want permanent back links for your blog?

– Do you want to socially recognized on a bigger level?

– Do you want to earn some extra cash?

If you want all these things then you must think about guest post writings. There are many popular blogs which invite to write guest postings. If you are capable of writing a quality content to get the benefits give above or if you want to be hired and noticed by more people then take your seat and think about what you are going to write :) There are many blogs which pay you on writing a post for them. So if you can write such post and if your post will be selected on such blogs then you will get all the benefits mentioned above.

Social sharing and Link submitting

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Your blog should have social bookmarks but don’t fill your blog with lot of icons every where. Just place on some where properly. May be on left side bar or below the title. How much your postings will be spread over social networks, this will depends on your blog’s follower, readers and subscribers. But with all these you should create a list of major websites or blogs which offer you to submit news. This way your new published content will be in the search in a few days. At least you will get good visitors. Some of major socially websites which plays an important role in your blogging.

– Facebook

– Twitter

– LinkedIn

– Digg

– Reddit

– Stumbleupon

– DZone

– Design Float

– Technorati

– DesignFloat

– Delicious

The above are major platforms which play an amazing role in increasing traffic to a blog and to new contents. How ever this is not the end, you should also add other blogs which offers you a news section in which you can post your news. In fact this is a not few minutes job to submit content to such places. This can take you to few hours. It also depends how smartly you submit content. There are many websites that offers you to submit your news to different major websites in one click. I use It offers you to submit content on many popular social networking websites in single click. There are many more like this service.

Now after submitting content to such websites you can put the url of new article to your facebook, twitter, gtalk and Skype status. This will drive a good traffic which depends on your social circle over these platforms. You can also put that url into your email signatures. So, this depends on few very important things,

– Is the topic of content is attractive or users want to read most?

– Is it well written ?

– Have you used social networking websites?

So after you have all these 3 points, you are 100% sure your content will be read more, mentioned more and liked more.

Don’t use bundle of plugins

This is related to speeding up your blog and decreasing the bounce rate of a blog. Have you noticed what is bounce rate of your blog in Google Analytic? Bounce Rate mean that a visitor did not find the page they landed on relevant to what they are looking for. You should check that often. A high bounce rate is obviously not a good thing for a blog.  And there are many ways to stop visitors leaving your blog. This is another topic and we will write about it in next post.

If your blog has many plugins then there are chances your blog will be much slow. Visitors like fast loading speed. If your blog loading speed is very slow then users will not spend time on this or will come back even the content were good in quality. My opinion is, you should only use limited number of plugins which you need most. These plugins can be security plugin, cache plugin, comments plugin, social book mark and SEO plugin. Using less plugins will make your blog more fast in loading. In fact there are many benefits to your blog if you use only required and best plugins.

Don’t use Copyrighted data, images or videos

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This is very important thing in blogging and people who don’t follow this rule will be in great loss. Copyrighted means some one created something and don’t want to allow others to use this any where else. How ever, there are some copy rights license on internet which makes content owner safe from content copying as well as giving permission to others to use this without putting themselves in legally and ethically failures. If you are copying some one’s work and naming it yours then soon people will feel your blog is of no use. They will not visit it again and even if you will turn yourself into a good blogger, trust cant be gained if lost.

For blogs, we always need images, videos, reference help content etc and that is easy way to achieve all these things without putting your self in trouble. If you want to use images, icons in your work then check the license of the image you are going to use. There are many copy rights licenses but Creative Commons license is less restrictive. In this license you need to credit the original author of the media, but that is just in one particular type of this license. You should read about this on its website to clearly understand what it offers. You should always read the license with the media before using them in your work. A blog which is doing volition of copy rights rules will be no more blog and people will not feel safe to work with them or if you are a web developer, no one will come to you and hire you.

 End of Story

In fact there are countless way to improve our blogging which we learn with time. I tried to cover only few of points in this post and we will keep posting such important things to make your blogging best. Thanks for reading.

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