Facebook Wall Script Clone with JQuery and PHP: Personal Project BETA Version 2.0

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Last updated on JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Web Design

Hello dear users! Today facebook is a giant in social websites and every one is following its features and looks. I have integrated facebook style features into many of my projects and now I am going to share my personal project which is basically inspired by facebook and social networking techniques. Currently not available for downloading. I have created a wall script and many other functionalities which I will just upload very soon such as image uploading in facebook style, image tagging, url fetching and many other things in facebook style. Hope you will love it and let me know if you have any idea about making it more perfect and some how different in looks. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to give suggestion. Thank you :)

Important: New Wall Scripts Post : 3 Versions

Important :New Wall Scripts Post : 3 Versions


  • -Status Update
  • -Like/Unlike Status
  • -Comments on Status
  • -Upload Photo and Share
  • -URL Fetching and Sharing
  • -Real Time Posts Loading
  • -Fully Ajax based Working
  • -Webcam Image Uploading and Sharing (Coming Soon)
  • -Real Time Comments Loading  (Coming Soon)
  • -Much more…

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  • vikas rana

    you need to have a look at this fort hat http://facebookclonescript.com

  • vikas rana

    are you still a part of this site ? or have sold this?

  • Back22 School22

    Please where can i download a free version of the wallscriptclone?

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