Ajax Domain Checker Application with JQuery and PHP

My facebook style tutorials are very popular among you people and Almost 5000 downloads have been counted for facebook wall script application. Thank you all who like and appreciate my work.

Last few days I was searching about checking domain names availablity using Ajax and PHP. I found some solution and I thought to create a post on my blog so that any one can get this simple script easily. I used jQuery and CSS3 to put some attractive look in this. Share it if you like this tutorial. Thanks a lot !

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6 thoughts on “Ajax Domain Checker Application with JQuery and PHP”

  1. Results are being fetched from which APi? can you please point that piece of code connecting to that API, from which results are being fetched?

  2. Replace:

    if(eregi($who[1], $buffer))


    if (preg_match(“/”. $who[1] . “/”, $buffer, $buffer))

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