New Digg Style Follow Unfollow Application Using jQuery and PHP

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Sep 20, 2010 AJAX, JQuery, PHP, Tutorials, Web Design

You know Digg has changed its style and layout and now I think it looks awesome. This time on 99Points, I create Digg Style follow/unfollow application. Which I tried to create same as original Digg look. Many users like my facebook style tutorials So this is a continues series of Digg style tutorials. I hope You will like it. I have used user IP to check followed or unfollowed. But you can do this in your required way. Please share this if you like and dont forget to subscribe by email.
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Database Structure

JQuery Code



Download all the files and use this stylish tutorial. Thanks !

Zeeshan Rasool is the founder and editor of this blog. Beside this, he is an experienced PHP web developer and freelancer. He loves to create best and interactive web apps. You can follow him at twitter @99_Points and facebook OR drop an email at

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Zeeshan Rasool is an experienced PHP Web Developer and founder at 99Points. Expert in Codeigniter (MVC), WordPress, JSON, jQuery & HTML5
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