Facebook Like URL data Extract Using jQuery PHP and Ajax

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Jul 25, 2010 Facebook, PHP, Web Design

You have seen in Facebook, that how we give a url and it extract data such as images, title and description. Here now you can get this amazing script at 99Points. You have seen amazing and popular facebook style tutorials which can help you to get some amazing effects on your websites. I have created this awesome tutorial which is 99% same as facebook style. Check the demo and download the source code.



JQuery Code



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I have get images and title using fopen method of php but for description I used get_meta_tags() function which returns meta tags of url. After getting all images I just put a loop and get all images which size is greater than 100px so that small images should not be included. I have created this tutorial separate from our facebook style wall posting and comment application and facebook profile edit. However if you want to add this functionality in that script just download all files and add your code.

Download all files and use this awesome tutorial.

Zeeshan Rasool is the founder and editor of this blog. Beside this, he is an experienced PHP web developer and freelancer. He loves to create best and interactive web apps. You can follow him at twitter @99_Points and facebook OR drop an email at 99points.info@gmail.com

  • Markus Newhart

    Yeah. Images don’t load. Would be nice if they did.

  • Nitin

    hello Johannes, your script looks good. We are trying to download it from: ‘http://www.screamlabs.at/dev/fetch/fetch.zip’ but this link is not working.

    I was wondering if it has been shifted to some other location? Could you please provide us a new link or email us directly at nitinwaves@gmail.com

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