Configuring codeigniter framework on your localhost.

Author: Zeeshan Rasool  |  Last updated on Codeigniter, Web Development

If we move to any framework or platform first time then first problem is configuring this technology. Configuring codeigniter to our localhost is so simple and easy. I am trying to give step wise detail so that its easy to follow.

1- Download Codeigniter system folder from

2- Now unzip it and paste it

3 – After unzipping folder copy this folder to your localhost server and change its name to some thing like “myproject”.

4- Update system/application/config/config.php  file. Change base url to your localhost path.

5- Give DB name to system/application/config/database.php which you create on localhost.

Now its ready to use just go to your browser and access your first testing codeigniter configured site on localhost.

Keep enjoying !

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